रविवार, जनवरी 01, 2006

Attempt to discredit Swami Ramdev Baba by the Left Front

For the past few days the TV channels have been agog with the images of Brinda Karat trying to discredit Swamiji by claiming to have found evidence of human bones in the ayurvedic drugs being manufactured and sold by Divya Pharmacy run by Swamiji's Trust. An year back the same Ms Brinda Karat had raised hue and cry over dismissal of some errant employees of the same pharmacy by Swamiji.

This clearly appears to be a conspiracy hatched to discredit Swamji for all the good work done by him. Swamiji has been taking up the cudgels against Multi-National companies in India that are dealing with zero-technology products like Pepsi and Coke zealously. As a result of his work sales of Coke and Pepsi have gone down considerably in India. Swamji is the main thorn in the flesh of these multi-national companies that are out to loot India. They can go all out to discredit him, for their very survival and economic viability is at stake.

Fortunately the whole of India except the Commies are firmly behind swamiji. Even our political leaders of all hues and colors except the Communists are supporting Swami Ramdev.

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