गुरुवार, मार्च 23, 2006

Sonia Gandhi resigns!

Sonia Gandhi has resigned from Lok Sabha and as the Chairperson of the National Advisory Council. This comes after BJP petition to the President asking her disqualification on the grounds of her holding 'office of profit'.

The UPA urchins had used the same grounds to get Mrs. Jaya Bachchan disqualified by the President a few days back.

Sonia Gandhi's resignation doesn't come as a surprise as the President was bound to have her disqualified on the said grounds sooner than later. So she has resigned to save face. The UPA have found their own necks in the noose they had prepared for Jaya Bachchan and Amar Singh.

The saddest part of the story is that the UPA had caused both Houses of the Parliament to be adjourned sine die so that an ordinance could be passed to exempt Mrs. G. from the purview of the 'office of profit' rule. So much sycophancy!

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Sujai ने कहा…

Sacrificing and resigning have become the new tools to rake in popularity and sympathy. To illustrate this I created a hypothetical news item from future.



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