बुधवार, मार्च 29, 2006

Sonia says she is targetted like Indira

Sonia - the greatest blunder of Rajiv Gandhi, compared herself to Indira Gandhi when she made the following statement at a public meeting at Rae Bareli - "It has become a family tradition of sorts that the people in our family are always targeted by our rivals. Right from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Indiraji and Rajivji, we have been facing this" .

Does she really consider herself to be on par with people of immense character like Nehru and Indira or even Rajiv for that matter?

What has she done for the people to justify such a comparision?

She rejected the P. M.'s office only to become more powerful than the Prime Minister himself and that too without any obligations that go with the P. M.'s post. Unbridled power is what she enjoys now.

She resigned from the Lok Sabha merely to forestall her disqualification by the President on the same grounds that were used by her stooges to disqualify Mrs. Jaya Bachchan.

Is this sacrifice? Are the people of my country so blind or naive as to be misled by such political grand-standing?

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