शुक्रवार, मार्च 03, 2006

U. S. President George Walker Bush visits Hyderabad.

President George Bush is visiting India. He arrived on the 1st of March. Today , i.e., 3rd March, 2006, he arrived at Hyderabad at 9:50 AM by Air Force One. He will stay for about 5 hours and will visit Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University and the I. S. B. before leaving back for Delhi at around 2 PM. This must be the first visit of an American President to Hyderabad, the most happening city in India.

The Left Parties, a part of the ruling coalition and Muslims are violently protesting against the American President's visit. An important agreement has be reached between India and US of A regarding separation of nuclear facilities. The ramifications of this deal are still not clear. Whether it will be beneficial to Indian interests or will cause them irreparable harm is still not clear.

During his visit, he has announced the opening of US consulate at Hyderabad. This will be only the fourth US consulate in India after Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

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