सोमवार, अगस्त 16, 2010

Indian Idol 5 - Sreeram Chandra

Finally we have an Indian Idol who actually deserves to be one. Sreeram Chandra of my city Hyderabad was declared the winner of the Indian Idol 5 contest and was lucky enough to receive the award on India's Independence Day from the hands of no less a personality than the Big B himself. Sreeram has been winning accolades after accolades from the day he auditioned. Not once did he come in the danger zone. So outstanding is his talent that he has already recorded a song in a Telugu movie under Salim-Suleiman which he sang along with national award winner Shreya Ghoshal, even while he was in the Gala Rounds. He is probably the best thing to have happened to Hindi cine-music in a pretty long time.

However, I feel sorry for Rakesh Maini, for I think it was tad unlucky for him to have appeared in the same season of Indian Idol alongside Sreeram Chandra. A great singer though he is, Rakesh is no match for mana Sreeram.

Great going Sreeram! Success at last, and that too, well-deserved success.

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