शुक्रवार, मई 19, 2006

Nepal no longer a Hindu State

The people of Nepal through their elected Parliament have devested King Gyanendra of all his Royal Powers, heralding the end of monarchy in Nepal.

Not only this but Nepal has now ceased to be the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. The parliament of Nepal has adopted a secular setup. When a people voluntarily choose to relinquish their distinctive identity, it is very sad.

Gyanendra may not have been the best monarch to his people, but did monarchy really deserve to die. Even democracy cannot be a success unless the people are mature enought to carry it on their shoulders. We Indians have been carrying the burden of a moribund democracy for the better part of the past 6 decades. This is what will happen in Nepal. Corruption, nepotism, placing the interests of a particular party over the interests of the nation, minority appeasement, and all the other assorted malices of democracy will creap in slowly and raise their ugly head.

Now that Nepal has opted for a full-fledged democracy, they should tread very carefully learning from the mistakes India has committed.

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